The most common sentiment in the new year was most likely “2020 was horrible, thank god 2020’s over”. And I for one agree with this notion, it was a difficult, mortifying and exhausting year.

In the midst of a global pandemic where over 2 million people have died, political uncertainty that led to an insurrection by a mob at the pinnacle of democracy, and a worldwide racial reckoning through the #BLM movement, I was torn about where to devote my attention. I wanted to feel useful but it was hard to feel of value just “locked-down” in my home in Mumbai. When it came to the pandemic, I wasn’t a frontline worker, the only way I knew how to be helpful was by staying home and calling people out for not wearing their masks. Political uncertainty is something I wish I could help ease, but as I’m not a politician or political activist, I could only contribute by remotely volunteering — not remotely close to how much I wanted to. A racial reckoning is something that hit home for me, I did my best to support minority business and donate to #BLM groups, but everything I did seemed insignificant. The more I forced myself to act, the less impact it seemed to have. …



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